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Interpersonal Communication : Interperonal communication is the simplest form of communication. Every kind of communication includes an interpersonal element. This kind of communication covers a wide range of one-to-one forms from our casual daliy conversations to private relational conversations. It can be described as a “small social system” between small numbers of poeple. It’s generally occured between two participants. The method can be face-to-face or through some mediated forms. A conversation between taxi driver and customer, conversation between two lovers can be examples for face-to-face methods. For mediated forms, sms messsaging between friends or a video-conference between two business men provides examples. In interpersonal communication, attandence of three or more particaipants is seen aswell, like family members or a group of close firends. In the process of this kind of communication the roles of being sender and receiver is shared between peoples. By changing these roles in an ordered circulation, both sides share the communication process interactively and the conversation is made possible by creating understanding and meanings. Becouse of the nature of interpersonal communication nearly ever Continue...

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A feedback which is provided and got efficently without time-loss makes this way of communication seemlessly effective. This interaction is done to achive commonly shared and recognized goals. Public Communication : Public communication is between a speaker and the listners. This is done to build up attention through diffrent interest areas. Culture is defined as; A way of life developed and shared by a group of people and passed down from generation to generation. Interaction between the attendents is still face-to-face but has some diffrencies aswell. And from the receivers point of view, this communication is virtual. Groups are divided in to two as large and small groups. Intercultural Communication : From one culture to another meanings vary. Structural-functionalism is used, the work is divided between the individuals and groups. Not all cultural groups share all elements of their culture, in larger cultural groups there are smaller cultural groups formed. Small groups are formed by the attendancie of twenty people or less. The speaker uses both verbal and nonverbal methods to communicate with the listners. Diffrent sub-cultures are created between people.


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