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Love The world is full of puzzles; love is a four letter-puzzle most people wait their whole lives to put together. Love is like a multi-lane highway, in traffic your exit is coming up and you’re in the far lane. Love can be confusing to the point it hurts to even bother with it. The highway of love has many exits and you try to love everyone and everything that is around you no matter what. Love is an emotion or feeling. It involves commitment, sacrifice, desire, happiness and pain. A simple four-letter word complicates things to an extreme because it has so many levels to it. You love your family because they’re blood related (they’re like you). You love your friends because you can be wild and crazy, yet you have a shoulder to cry Continue...

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This love is the hardest to actually accomplish for many people. It's a love that makes you tingle inside. It is impossible because everyone treats love differently. Lastly, you have the love of things you desire, such as pets, hobbies and all the little things that make your world all yours. Love of friendship is the fact you know that you can make someone laugh and clown around with, yet still be serious. I believe there is no true meaning of love. How can you love if you're not happy with yourself and love yourself "Love is like grass. Then you have the love of that special someone. Love of that "special someone is family and friendship combined. But you'll get over the pain; it will eventually stop hurting. Friendship is love that can be trusted with secrets and goofiness at the same time. Every person sees love differently, depending on how love was given and shown to them.


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