Unexpected event that Changed my Life

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Sometimes things happen in people’s lives in which they have no control over. When these things happen I call it experiencing life, and often leaves people muttering the words “Why me.” Occasionally these events occur when the actions of someone else’s life leads into your own. Other times it could be an act of Mother Nature in which we didn’t expect nor control that could change our lives. When these unexpected events occur in our lives the ones who are going to help you through it are your family. Also the best thing to do when these unanticipated events occur is to realize that it won’t last forever and learn from the experience after it’s over. I was born on the Gila River Indian reservation in Maricopa, Arizona. My father, Michael Anthony Calhone, a street lord otherwise known as a drug dealer for the Crips on the West Side of Phoenix, having been shot six times in a drug deal gone bad, never got a chance to witness my birth; he died at the age of nineteen. By the age of 21, my mother, Ramona Marie Sundust, had seven children. I was the fifth of my mothers seven, having one younger brother, two older brothers, and three older sisters. Trying to take care of her seven children by herself was becoming too t Continue...

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Separating us also made our spiritual bond with one another closer, with or without the presence of our sisters or brothers being there with us. Then a family in Hawaii adopted my twin sisters Cassandra and Phoenix. After two of the staff members calmed my brothers and me down they told us that the girls would to live down stairs and the boys upstairs. After our mother's death my brothers, sisters, and I did not want to be separated from one another, thus until Cezar's court date we were granted permission by the court to stay with our mother's sister, Marie, and her husband Robert. Later that week Phoenix police apprehended Cezar and charged him with the murder of my mother. We all go through lives trials and tribulations, the significant thing to recognize is that the people who are going to help you through those trying days are the people who really care for you, and it doesn't make a difference if they are in your bloodline or not, those people truly are your family. I believe that the orphanage separating us made each of us stronger emotionally, mentally, and physically. Next my older brother Frankie was adopted by a family that lived on the North side of Phoenix . I remember thinking that our new home was a palace, it had three floors, two kitchens, more than one bathroom, and what seem to me, at the time, a million rooms. I was only three at the time however I remember Cezar very distinctly, he would often come over to our projects to play with me, my brothers and sisters in his bright-colored suits; and to give our mother money. The next morning police found my mother's severely beaten and naked body at the bottom of our project stairway. One thing put an end to all our happy smiles, cheerful playing, and running down the never-ending hallways. From that point, you would never see one of us without seeing a brother or a sister following behind. Compared to Phoenix's South Side housing projects and our Aunt Marie's roach infested two-bedroom house the orphanage was a palace in my five-year-old mind.


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