Kids nowadays

             “Kids nowadays don’t respect their elders” (Long)! These few but exact words say a great deal about the relationship between younger and older generations. Modern day children just do not know how to behave in the presence of older generations, at least that is how older generations see things. The elders (older generations) believe that children today are just plain bad. Kids are disobedient, disrespectful, and unintelligent in the present society. In the elder’s opinion, it is the fault of the children themselves for their deportation toward life and its components. With this in mind, is it really the fault of the children or the fault of their parents for the child’s attitude towards life and its components?
             According to the University of Wisconsin’s Centers for Action’s survey of 37,339 youths, 97.0% are worried about getting good grades. When confronted, most of who were surveyed stated that their parent’s attitude towards schooling played the largest factor in their own commitment to their education (Council 1). In most cases, parents have done well at influencing their children to strive for better grades. However, no matter how hard one tries, there can only be one “top of the class.” It is this fact that makes students lose interest in education. They see it as a blockade, a wall, an unapproachable obstacle for their future. Why persist where attempts are futile? That is the problem most commonly disrupting teen’s concentration towards future success. This is where a parent must step in and take charge of the situation. A parent must show the child that not everyone can be the best but the best can be in everyone. Teens must be taught that they have a reason, a contribution, for their existence.
             In addition to parental guidance, there needs to be a large amount of parental advisory in the activities that their teen engages in throughout the day. Parenting starts nine months before the birth of a ch...

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