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My name is Your Name Here, and I have been asked to write an essay on why I would like to go to Boys State this year. I’ll start from the beginning; this year was the first year that I became truly interested in government and politics. The reason this year caught my attention is simple, the presidential debates. They grabbed my attention like nothing else has in quite some time. The entire election was interesting, especially some of the issues involved. For instance, former Vice President Gore was very keen on keeping the government from tapping into the Social Security funds. On the ot Continue...

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her end of the spectrum President Bush wanted to make some tax cuts. This would be a very good opportunity to find out just what I"tmd be getting into if I do take that course for my life. This has made me see just how important government is to our society. I"tmm considering going into government once I finish college. Now, most people would ask, "Why can"tmt we have both". I sincerely hope I"tmm chosen to take part in the exciting opportunity of attending Boys State for the year 2001. After all was said and done, former Vice President Gore lost to President Bush. Both issues were brought up throughout the debates frequently and even though the election is over, they are still being debated now. What was surprising about this election was that former Vice President Gore won the popular vote, yet lost the electoral vote. Boy"tms State will give me the chance I"tmm looking for to further my knowledge of our government. On the other side, in order to keep the government out of the Social Security funds, taxes would most likely have to be raised to compensate for the inacessability of the funds. The answer is simple; in order to make tax cuts the government will very likely have to tap into the Social Security funds. In the end, I hope that President Bush will do just as good a job as I thought former Vice President Gore could. Sincerely,Your Name Here. This was both a surprise and disappointment for me.


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