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Introduction I. Try to capture a moment when an eight-month-old baby girl splashes her food everywhere and makes a mess all over the table and carpet. Her lips wet with drool and her eyes are scanning the area for her mother, so somehow she could let her mother know that she just did a naughty thing. She looks up at her mother chin high, not knowing what to say, she says “da da da, ma, ma “ in an angelic voice. This is a moment that we have all witnessed on somebody whether it is our niece, sister, cousin or friend’s baby. II. Previously scientists thought babies might make the noises to exercise their mouths or to improve lip and tongue control, but they were wrong. Scientists have found for the first time strong evidence that the incoherent noises of an infant are linked to language. Researchers have now analyzed the mouth motions of babies babbling, smiling or making other noises and have concluded that the baby sounds are coming directly from the babies’ efforts to use their speech and language. (add a source). III. I believe babies have always tried to communicate and continuously use their ability to make sounds to communicate. This further leads me to believe that the use of language as been implanted from Continue...

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Laura-Ann Petitto of Dartmouth taken from the New York Times article, "Because the left side of the brain is thought to control language, this mean that babbling is a fundamentally linguistic activity. Petitto said that since the left side of the brain controls the right side of the mouth, then the findings suggest that the left side of the brain is sending the babbling signals. Demonstrate how all 3 arguments support my thesis III. More movement towards the right side of the mouth indicates language functions specialize in the brain at a very early age. Clarify how this main point support your whole argument and opinion Transition: II. It may have been inserted in from the start, just as the bird's ability to sing, and the bee's capacity to dance in patterns. There are three supporting evidence to support the recent findings of babies' babbling. The findings support the idea that the brain has tissue dedicated specifically to learning language. Researchers like Petitto found that when the babies were babbling, the motion was more forceful and consistent on the right side of the mouth. Clarify how this main point support your whole argument and opinion Transition: Conclusion I.


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