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The Influence of Society

In our society today, we are all subjects to the influence of societies norms. When we are raised, we are introduced to our family's beliefs and values. Naturally, as young children, we adapt to these beliefs and are influenced to follow them. Once I was old enough to attend church, I was led to be a part of the Lutheran religion. When I was old enough for little league, I was influenced to play baseball rather than any other sport. Social control plays a big part in the decisions we make throughout our lives. The norms of the town influence us to conform to what society believes are normal. As a child, I was thought of as a hardworking student that stayed out of trouble. This was to my advantage for many reasons. I compare it to the article "The Saints and the Roughnecks" in respect that the group of kids considered the Saints could commit the same deviant acts as the Roughnecks but see no consequences for them. I feel I can relate to this article because many times in high school I was involved in pranks and practical jokes, but rarely would I see punishment. In our culture, society has the power to make us do things we might not normally do. I relate this aspect to the article "If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, Would You?". This article explained that humans would do just about anything if they were told that it is normal. Humans delivered large amounts of shock to what they thought were other people just because the man in charge told them it was their duty. I feel that this coincides with my life such that when I am influenced to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and remove my hat in school and certain other buildings. My socialization has been based on the influences that surround me. The institutions that I follow are all a result of the influences of society. One thing that exists in our culture today, which I am glad to say I have never experienced, is racism. My family has always been k...

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