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Remembering and Memorializing A memorial is very important to most people and its purpose is to keep remembrances of a person or event. Another purpose of a memorial is to keep a person’s identity for a loved one. Memorials are an important place for people to share memories, thoughts and tributes to a lost loved one. We create memorials that celebrate the lives and personalities of those we have lost and provide a place where these cherished images and biographies will have a permanent home. After wars, atrocities, and disasters, architects build memorials. The talented Maya Lin had a vision on creating memorials. She wanted to create a memorial that everyone would be able to respond to, regardless of whether one thought our country should or should not have participated in the war. She wanted to focus on the acceptance of death and overcoming death. She felt memorials should be honest about reality, with remembrance of those who died. She also wanted people to kno Continue...

I believe creating memorials give some importance to the particular person's life that has been lost. Another memorial that was created was the United States Holocaust memorial. They are reminders and they keep a certain persons identity. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial at http:www. On September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked the World Trade Center causing many people to die and suffer. Many people have been waiting to see the kind of memorial that will be created, but until then I have my own ideas for a memorial. Personally I think it's a good way for people to visit the memorial and the cemetery at the same time. In my memorial there would be a huge cemetery circling around were the towers went down. As a result, she created the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial. w the importance of the individual, she did this by listing the names of each person who died. This massacre was known as the Holocaust. This I believe was very significant because it had a reflection on the people visiting the memorial and it showed the importance of all the people who fought in the war. In the middle I would include a huge sculpture made out of cement, about 60 feet high and 20 feet wide symbolizing the towers, having two small planes crashing into them. I want people to focus on the acceptance of death, as Maya Lin believed.