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Pgs 17-52 The Little Prince describes his chores to the speaker, describing the baobabs, the small trees that could tear his planet apart without constant weeding, and he speaks of his beloved flower. The Prince's flower, a vain rose, complained about her conditions, knowing the Little Prince would attend to her every desire. Eventually, the Little Prince leaves his planet because of his inability to confront the flower. He holds on to a flock of birds and visits several planets and speaks with their solitary inhabitants, such as the king, the pompous man, and the drunk. These three characters think or act in a very strange way. First, the king believes he reigns over the entire universe because there is no one else to challenge his authority. The conceited man spends Continue...

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And the tippler attempts to escape the depression and shame of drinking by. " Every person on this planet has something of the utmost importance in their lives, whether it is money, power, prestige, knowledge, or friendship. On the fifth planet, the little prince finds a lamplighter that lights and puts out the light of the post every minute. his days hoping for admirers to come and fawn over him. The little prince found that this person was the least ridiculous of all, for he had some meaning in his work. The next person is a geographer who knows little geography, who directs the little prince to go to Earth. I think that is the core element of this story, the journey in life and the experience gained from those experiences. I think that in my four years at this school, I have experienced more than most, and grown leaps and bounds. 79-111The little prince wishes for true friendship, which explains his search for other people on different planets. Each time the man has been interrupted, which totals three times in twenty-two years, he loses count of the stars, forcing him to recount "his" millions of stars. Exupery satirizes the modern world in this section, using the businessman to represent the general population of people who toil in the office and receive a piece of paper for their work, which they place in the bank. drinking! The last man the little prince encounters depresses him and decides to go to another planet.


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