I have chosen as my topic of investigation the area of ERP computer programming.
             I am interested the ABAP language that is used on SAP and I have no working knowledge of that field at this time.
             The purpose of this project is to investigate my chosen career field and to see how computers fit into this field.
             I would like to know the amount of experience that is required in order to enter this field and also the education requirements. I am already working at the company that I plan to stay with and have made my goals known. I am currently in the field of Production Control. That means if something in the batch processing schedule fails, my team is tasked with finding the problem and fixing it or finding the correct person to fix it. Rarely are we asked to actually fix a programming bug, we usually just pass it on to the original programmer to fix. There are some people there who have no schooling but years of experience and there are others who have various degrees. I know that I need a degree since I have no programming experience to speak of outside of school, and I want to see if I will really ever get there.
             I plan to investigate this field in the company where I am currently employed, which is Petsmart in Phoenix, Arizona.
             I plan to interview the managers of 2 diffrerent programming groups and then perhaps sit with a senior programmer and observe. I want to see if they have books on the language used by Petsmart, which is ABAP, a fairly new and different programming language.
             My overall paper will be typed using Microsoft Word and I will also use Microsoft Powerpoint.
             I plan to use a Powerpoint slide presentation and perhaps also have some handout pages with further information.

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