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“I’m looking for Zim, the green kid?” “Oh, the green child. He’s right over there, doulbed over in pain.” “Ohhhhh!” “He’s missing his liver. That’s how some kids react to the cafeteria food, the lucky ones.” The reputation of school lunches has long been, shall we say, less than stellar. For years, the media in this country has portrayed the school lunch as a veritable blight upon the land; books, television, and movies have created an image that gives school lunches a bad name. Recently, the school lunch has come under fire from the news media and public health groups because of flaws in the program, and health risks caused by it. Today’s school lunch program has become the bane of a child’s existence that it has long been portrayed in the media. We will begin with a look at why the school lunch program was created and it’s goals, then look at the flaws in the system itself, and then the health problems that are related to it. The school lunch program was itself an outgrowth of the turmoil that was World War Two. The program was created by congress as a "measure of national security, to safeguard the health and well-being of the Nation's children." The driving force behind all of this political l Continue...

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Tyler's meal met the saturated fat guidelines, but had too much total fat. Let's compare two students"tm meals to see which is healthier. He ate 21 grams of protein and 155 milligrams of calcium, but no fruits or vegetables. Tyler ate more calories and total fat than Ryan did. 2,000,000 pounds of this meat was recalled by the USDA, coming from Supreme Beef Processors: Dallas, Texas. Schools are helping to raise a generation of overweight, unhealthy kids. She goes on to say that, "In exchange for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, school districts end up with increased advertising, more vending machines, and most likely, greater soda consumption. With so many people benefiting from this program, it might seem hard to find where the flaws are, but there are many. The problems this caused was readily apparent, especially with boys. The five companies that affected recalled over 4,975,000 of meat in the period they were studied. When food that is being foisted off on our children as healthy and nutritious is being recalled as contaminated, it"tms no wonder that our media says that the "lucky ones only have their liver removed". He had one serving of fruit, 26 grams of protein, and 483 milligrams of calcium. While it lunches are served with a nutritious beverage, many children drink soda. This being the case, the school lunch program wasn"tmt created out of the selfless good will of the US government, but to create a larger pool of draft eligible men, for the next time we saw fit make war upon some other nation.


National School Lunch Program The purpose of this study was to
Ratings Observed for Overall NSLP Quality _____ Low = 1 Number of School Lunches Eaten Per Week (5951 24 )

Several Articles on Education
Several Articles on Education. "Higher prices for school lunches" by Holtz Higher prices for school lunches.ßNew York Times, (Late Edition, east Coast),ß2. (1931 8 )

School climate and culture
Asian children and the teachers themselves are often required to do the domestic work of the school, such as serving, clearing up school lunches and general (3168 13 )

Health Promotion
School-aged children: School children need good, nutritious school lunches to take with them to school. School cafeterias often don't serve nutritious food. (1132 5 )

Promoting Health
School-aged children: School children need good, nutritious school lunches to take with them to school. School cafeterias often don't serve nutritious food. (1132 5 )

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The reason for this suggestion was that a number of schoolchildren across the country - then as well as now - get part or all of their school lunches (as well (1269 5 )