How to build a Snowman

             No one hates cold weather worse than I do. But when there is fresh snow on the ground, even I can’t resist bundling up and heading outside to attempt make the perfect snowman. There are three basic steps in creating a snowman. You must shape the snowballs, assemble the snowman, and decorate and dress the snowman.
             The best way to build a snowman is with three balls of packed snow stacked on top of each other. To make the base, you start with a handful of snow rolled into a ball. You then begin rolling the ball through the snow. Snow will stick to the original snowball, making it bigger as you roll it. You have to turn the snowball in different directions to make it nice and round. The body and head will be made the same way as the base, but proportionally smaller.
             Once you have made all three balls, you must flatten the top of the base a little so the body ball will sit on top of it. Place the body on top of the base. Snow can be heavy, so you may need some help. Then, flatten the top of the body like you did the base and place the head on top of it. Now that the body is assembled, you need to pack snow between the base and body and the body and head. This stabilizes the snowman and gives it a smooth overall surface.
             You can decorate the snowman any way you want to. This is a chance for you to be as creative as you want and to give it your own personal touches. You can add limbs, facial features, and clothing. Typical snowmen usually have twigs stuck into the body for arms. You can also add a row of buttons down the front with rocks or coals. Raisins or buttons work well for eyes and a smiling mouth. A carrot nose is a must. A top hat and scarf can also be added. Traditional snowmen hold brooms in their twiggy arms. These are just suggestions, there are no set rules on decorating your snowman. The most important thing is to have fun and be creative.

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