Analysis of A Sound of Thunder

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The story “A Sound of Thunder” takes place in 2055 A. D. and then they go back into the past to the Jurassic Period. These people who go are expert hunters and they want to get a “big catch” so they intend on shooting and killing a Tyrannosaurus Rex. One of the hunters named Mr. Eckels gets scared when they see the dinosaur and went back to the machine, but he didn’t stay on the path and when you step off the path you could change the past present and future of the earth. He stepped on a butterfly and killed and as a result of that, the whole spelling and the president of the United States was changed. Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder” is a fut Continue...

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uristic tale of a hunting expedition that takes place in the past during the Jurassic Period that resulted in changing the whole world and everything in it. This is the act that changed the entire world when they arrived home. This story was mostly about how in the future technology is going to be so high-tech that we will be able to go back in time and do things. With out these, the story would make no sense at all. The problem with this is that one of the hunters named Mr. When they do arrived home, Eckels figures out that the sign for the program that takes you back in time has changed. In the end, Travis, the guide for the safari, kills Eckels because of all the problems he has caused. Eckels is the person who stepped off the path and killed the butterfly. It also focuses on how we may do one small thing, but that can change and effect many other things like the domino affect. Eckels becomes scared and turns back and steps off the path, which is a rule that they are not supposed to break because of the consequences they will face when they arrive home. It has more things that need to be worked out like it effecting everything in the world past, present, and future. This story's most important elements are the theme and the plot.


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