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When most people hear the word “Vietnam,” they expect the word “war” to follow. Many people, especially our generation, believe Vietnam to only be a war. I myself knew little about the Communist country before I researched it. After my research, I found that Vietnam has interesting cities, people, and differing government from our familiar Democratic system. Not only did I find Vietnam as very different from our country, but I found Vietnam different from the time of the Vietnam Wars compared to Vietnam today. All things change over time. Cities are one of these things. They are constantly changing, whether they’re adding a new baseball stadium or imploding old factories. All cities in Vietnam have developed since the war, but some of their usefulness hasn’t. Let’s take Danang for instance. Besides being the second-largest city in southern Vietnam, Danang is located on the coast of the South China Sea. During the war, it was the site of a large air force base and other military installations. Although now and even before the war, it has been a vital part to the economy of Vietnam. It’s port facilities make it important to that part of the country. Hanoi, the second largest city in all of Vietnam, is a Continue...

The highest percentage of farming takes place in two parts of Vietnam: the Red River Delta and the Mekong Delta. Southern Vietnam and their President, Ngo Dinh Diem, attempted to sustain French colonial rule, and also spread it through all of Vietnam. Being very industrial-based, the French built many factories and lured Vietnamese to leave their farms and work in the city factories. The war soon changed life for good though. Once the war ended in 1975, the city adjusted to loss well, and immediately began cleaning up and starting over. Fathers, husbands, and sons had to leave their love ones to fight for what they believed was right. The rural life has been built on strong family values, where people set family interests above their own. Over time, both sides violated the cease-fire with their guerilla tactics and caused the entire conflict to grow into the Vietnam War. After the war, the Communist took control over the people"tms lives. Before the war, it was a city of marketing and industry, but when the war rolled around, the country was split into two, and Hanoi became the capital of the northern part. The war began in the late 1950s when views on how to country should be run, where at great divides. , families were divided throughout Vietnam.