What's the real problem (Supremacy Crimes)

             Supremacy by definition is supreme power or authority. In Steinem’s essay she discusses men’s ‘authority’ over women, or the lack there of. She also discusses what she feels contributed to this desire that men have. She discusses her views and supports her statements with actual accounts of this need for supremacy through murders.
             Steinem’s argument is that we teach our sons growing up to overpower women, causing them to have a desire and need to feel accepted by over powering others. She feels that the reason for these supremacy crimes is in how we raise our children. That, in this country, we raise our sons and daughters differently. Our sons learn at a young age that they should have power over women, Steinem says. She also states in her essay that ‘our’ in the media is read as white, middle-class, and heterosexual. “It’s our sons – and ‘our’ can usually be read as ‘white,’ ‘middle-class,’ and ‘heterosexual’” (Steinem 353).
             The use of language in an essay like this is extremely important. One aspect that helps her argument is her repetitiveness. Steinem makes her point once in plain words, then she can make her point several other ways in different context. This way, the reader will remember the point she is trying to make and he or she will remember it as he or she continues reading the essay. This is a good way of making the reader understand what her point is. If they don’t get what she is saying once, she repeats it so they can understand more of it, or see more sides to her story and come to believe what she is saying. This does help her argument because it gives the impression that she has looked at the topic of discussion from all aspects and considered them all.
             Another way her language is effective is she admits that there are other ways of looking at her argument. She acknowledges this and even gives examples of i

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