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October 25, 2002 Dear Search Committee, I am interested in applying for a teaching position with Teach for America in Chicago, Illinois. My interest in education began during my final years at I.H. Kempner High School and brought me to study at the University of Houston’s Moores School of Music. I originally started with the goal of becoming a music educator; however, as the years progressed my experience has led me to pursue a career as a classroom instructor. I am aware that Teach for America has many opportunities for goal-oriented individuals, and it is through this program that I can further explore the different areas of education that might interest Continue...

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In the spring of 2000, I enrolled in the Learning-Success Institute in Ventura, California. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and thank you for your consideration. I am confident this experience will be a great asset to me for any career I might pursue in the future. Through this position, I have gained strong skills in organization, leadership, motivation, and classroom management. Through these positions, I have gained experience at communicating effectively with a wide variety of clients, dealing with difficult and irate customers in a soothing manner, and staying organized and efficient in a very busy work environment. As a six-year manager, I have also been responsible for hiring, training and scheduling employees, as well as motivating my staff to reach and exceed sales goals. As I completed my certification as a Learning-Success Coach, I realized a passion for teaching general courses. Such an opportunity would allow me to use the skills I have gained from both work and academic experiences. A teaching position with Teach for America would provide me with the best possible exposure to the field of education. In addition to my experience as a classroom teacher, I have a long history working in retail and in entertainment. Since then, I have secured a position with the Fort Bend Independent School District as a substitute teacher, which has resulted in two long-term assignments. This seminar was my first introduction to classroom teaching of general courses such as English, Mathematics, and History. I have been working full-time throughout my college career while continuing to maintain a solid GPA.


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