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    Family Ties

    Family Ties “My hero is my daddy. He is my hero because… he is always wanting the best for me… he takes good care of me… he gives me a good life…and he will always love the family.” (Nickerson 1). To 12 year old, Quek Sze Zhen from Hong Kong, this quote best describes what a hero means to her. The hero she describes is not someone with superpowers or someone can be able to swing from building to building with a spider-web. To Quek Sze Zhen, a hero to her must have more than superpowers; he must be able to provide the best things in life and must be a loving individual. Her hero is her father. It’s very important to have a role model when a child is going through their childhood. A role model is important to a child because a child needs to focus one someone who has good direction in their own life. There are many types of role models that people look up to. A sports role model provides a person with a sense of direction of a style to imitate in a game, a political leader can be a role model giving a person values to imitate, and a family member can be a role model in which a person imitates the life of a family member. In any case, a role model has a positive impact with the people with their surroundings, a role model is someone who possesses the qualities that a child would like to have, and a role model is someone who have affected individuals in a way that makes a child want to be a better person. Role-models have a positive impact on their surroundings. Some role models participate in various projects or events in their community. These projects or events somehow contribute to the better well being of the community. Wanting your community to be a better place and actually doing something to make your community a better place, is something that children can see and want to imitate. This is what makes one, a role model to children, actually going out and doing something and making a difference i...

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