Summary/Response Essay on “The Teacher Who Changed My Life”

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Miss Hurd was indeed a motivation to Nicholas Gage in his becoming a successful writer. Other factors that motivated Gage would have contributed to his success in any field he chose to pursue. Gage relished the attention and encouragement from Miss Hurd. Her uncompromising demands focused his energies into the field of writing. Three other factors insured Gage's success in life. His mother was an inspiration to him. Her sacrifice, and his resulting escape from those who killed her, instilled a sense of responsibility in Gage to justify her sacrifice. He would not let her death be meaningless and was driven to mark her pass Continue...

I believe that with the right mindset, encouragement, and outlook on life, anyone can be successful. Natural intelligence was also a trait that enabled Gage to succeed. ing by making his life worthy of her death. Four years after arriving in the United States with no knowledge of the English language, Gage was placed in the college bound group by his school. But it was his determination, intelligence and the memory of his mother's last wave goodbye that enabled him to succeed in whatever he would have chosen. My family life was hectic with both parents working and having to take care of my brother. In "The Teacher who changed My Life, Nicholas Gage used both his positive and negative experiences to work toward success. Here was the solid base upon which Gage's life would be laid in his new country. Some teachers were encouraging while others did not care. As a child, I was deemed a genius, but my environment both helped and hindered my mental growth. As a result of all these contributing factors, Gage began a career as a writer. Thankfully, I still have my mother to tuck me in at night, but she still inspires me by her strength as a woman as she manages our family. In this aspect, it highly relates to my life. From hostile beginnings Gage learned to love and respect his father.