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Jean Piaget is a Swiss psychologist. He is one of the most influential figures in the history of psychology. When he was in Paris, Piaget studied newborns through adolescences. He came up with many interesting findings and facts about cognitive development. Piaget studied his own children whom many people found controversial but he found accurate findings. . Piaget thought that from birth to the age of two, the child is a sensory being, and information is absorbed through sensory and motor activities. Piaget called this stage Sensori-motor. Piaget further broke this stage down into six sub-stages. The first sub-stage (birth-1 month), month one, the child does not show any real learning, simply adaptation, and its primary concern is refining its reflexes. In the following sub-stage (1-4 months), the child refines its circular reactions, where they learn from r Continue...

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It's not etched in stone that every child goes through these stages. Also, if an object leaves the child's visual field, his gaze will remain fixed on the spot where it disappeared because he is expecting it to return. The final stage is Formal Operations (11 years and up). If the object fails to appear, the baby will focus his attention on other visible objects. This period takes place from two to seven years of age. They can also represent transformations as well as static situations. At this age, according to Piaget, children acquire representational skills in the areas mental imagery, and especially language. Piaget called this primary circular reaction. At this point in their development, they understand that they are the ones causing the change in their surroundings. For example, if an infant's hand comes in contact with its own foot, it might repeat the same movement over and over again. They are very self-oriented, and have an egocentric view. Operation can be seen as a way of acting out on the environment.


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