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There were many contributions to modern day western civilization by the ancient Greeks. Their ideas and philosophies changed what we believe today. Here are the documents that prove these contributions to western civilization by the Greeks. There are many philosophers in the Greek civilization, two of them are Socrates and Aristotle, and they are both mentioned in the documents. Socrates is a philosopher that basically was the father of philosophy. He said that that everyone’s life should be examined or else it is not worth living. Aristotle Continue...

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is a philosopher who believed that the gods should not control our actions, but we should. Euclid is a philosopher and mathematician; he invented geometry that we now use in modern society. Hippocrates was a Greek doctor; he invented the Hippocratic oath that in modern society you have to take to become a doctor. You cannot give any deadly medicine to any one if asked and can't suggest any such advice. He believed in human reason (the ability to think) should guide our actions. Without things like Democracy, forms of geometry, and laws of medicine, the world would not be the same as it is today. His theory was "If two straight lines cut one another, the vertical, or opposite angles shall be equal. In democracy everyone is equal and you can serve your country no matter how low your social scale level is, everyone has input on making decisions. We use these architectural skills in our modern buildings like the huge arches and columns. The Hippocratic oath states that you have to use your best judgment and not harm anyone while doing your duty. Another man that made an impact on our modern society is Pericles; He used a certain type of government that is popular today called democracy. Both of these philosophers made an impact on our modern society. The Greeks were also good in sports that still go on today, these sports being: Track and field, Wrestling, and discus among other sports. Greeks were good at building things such as the Parthenon.