The North and The South

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The Differences Between the North and the South Since the birth of our nation the North and South have been two distinct regions. Raising children is a very special detail in the lives of the hard working people of the South and the business people of the North, but differ in many ways. Both the Northern region and the Southern region has their own distinct way of showing their own respect towards elders and expressing Continue...

There will always be many differences between the two regions no matter how many years go by. In the aspects of the Northern raising compared to the Southern raising in the way of how each shows their respect towards elders and others vaires greatly. The South has always showed a great respect towards their elders and also towards their neighbors by saying many phrases. North Carolina and Maine are fine examples of the differences of the Northern and Southern religions. The North on the other hand show thier respect not in a way of the Southerns; they see "yes sir", or "no sir", or anything else in that matter a disgrace to them and to their family. Some phrases of this might be "yes sir", "no sir", or sometimes with just a hand shake. The South takes great pride in this and always has since the starting of this new found region. The living aspects of the North differ from the South in many ways because of their past experiences. The North and the South have their own special ways of showing thier respect to elders and other; and it has seperated the two regions from having the same backgrounds.