Condom Distribution in High Schools

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Condom distribution in Public Schools During our panel discussion on should condoms be distributed in public schools, I took the position of supporting the distribution. It is not that I agree with young teenagers having sex but the statistics show that 70 percent of all students are having sex before the age of eighteen. Therefore, if they are going to be engaging in sexual activity then condoms should be easily accessible. Sex is a difficult topic for teenagers to discuss with their parents and so it often not discussed. Teens want to have an open door policy starting at a young age with thei Continue...

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r parents and they don't want the lectures on sex. Contraceptives aren't easily accessible though. Recent research indicates that in the United States, there has been a steady decline in adolescent pregnancy, abortion and birth rates since 1991, because sexually active teenagers are becoming more effective users of contraceptives. They want to be treated as adults and be allowed to make their own decisions with no pressure. However, in the end, it is their body and they will do what they want, but we can only pray that they can make the right choices. 7 million adolescent pregnancies averted by the use of contraceptives. If condoms were given distributed in their schools then at least the students would be protected while engaging in sex. Along with the distribution, there also needs to be more information on sex, bodies, pregnancy and STD's given in a sex education class. 54 percent of students use condoms and more said they would if they were easier to get their hands on. Knowing this, they chose other forms of contraceptives and condoms are the most popular form. However, many parents state they will not allow their daughters to be put on birth control pills. There was a study in New York school that showed making condoms available does not lead to an increase in sexual behavior however, it does increase the use of condoms among the sexually active students. I believe that there could be many more if schools would make condoms easily available to the students.


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With 900,000 teen pregnancies a year and the sharp rise in HIV/AIDS in teenagers, condom use is a high priority and their distribution on schools cannot be (1994 8 )

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