Addiction vs. Obsession

             I have chosen these two words because I feel that many people tend to mistake the words for each other, having the same definition or connecting each other by saying they are synonyms. When a person is constantly uses drugs because they just can't get enough of it, would you say the person is addicted or obsessed? When a person is in love with a rock star, cutting all the pictures out of a magazine and taping them all over her wall because she says she loves him and can't get enough of him, would you say the person is addicted or obsessed? As you can clearly see, the words have two distinctive meanings. Addiction is to be dependent on a drug, etc. Obsession is to become preoccupied constantly by a person or thing. The first person is addicted to drugs and the other is obsessed with a rock star.
             We use the word "addicted" when relating with drugs because although the victim loves to use drugs, they feel as if they have to; they need to. Some victims of drugs or alcohol hate that they need drugs to feel normal, but they cannot quit because they are, obviously, addicted to drugs. To qickly acknowledge both words, one can easily tell that when one is addicted, they need it; when one is obsessed, they just seem to want it, and want it very badly. When someone begins to use drug, they easily in it for the fun and games. One may not want to do it, but peer pressure can easily get in the way of your own judgement of waht is right and what is not. As soon as the first time is over, you may want to do it again, and again, and again, until one day when you feel like doing it and it is not present, your body begins to collapse. Your brain feels that something is missing and that drug is the key to normality. you finally ask yourself, "What the hell am I doing? Why do I feel this way?" Then a reluctant thought creeps through your crippled brain whispering to you that you are , unfortunately, addicted, and you can't stop. You may feel ,ment...

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