Qualities that make an ideal mate

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Qualities That Make an Ideal Mate When looking for an ideal mate there are different thing people tend to look at and various qualities that they should have. One quality that would make an ideal mate is there appearance. Another quality is they should have a good personality. Also honesty is a quality that would make an ideal mate. Each and every person is different but I think these qualities would make an ideal mate. A person’s appearance is an important quality they must have because it is the first thing you see. For example a person’s age can play a role because many tend to use characteristic as having something in common with them. An Continue...

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other factor that people can look at in their appearance is their height; everyone has their own tastes whether it is tall or short. Honesty is what you look for in a mate because no one likes being lied to and always wants the truth out of their partner. It is a proven fact that many first daters judge a mate's personality 85 of the time to see if they will go out with time again. Being honest is what holds people together and is what every person in a relationship wants. Appearance can have a great deal of importance in a mate because you can't help but judge a book by its cover. These are some qualities that a mate should have but there are many other qualities they should also have. Honesty is also an answer chosen 90 of the time on all single's questionnaires. A personality is what makes you want to spend time with each other, wither is it making them laugh or bringing out the best of them. Many people judge a book by its cover and that is why good appearance is an important quality to have. Honesty is also a characteristic that an ideal mate should have. Someone's personality can be a big factor because it is what makes you get along with each other. Another quality that makes an ideal mate is personality. Also a good personality is a great quality to have because it is what draws people to them and what makes them want to be around someone. Each and every person has there own ideal mate that they dream about having and in this mate they all what different qualities.


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