Lord of the Flies: Main Theme, Civilization vs. Savagery

             In Lord of the Flies, William Golding created a picturesque society that was doomed for disaster. However, not all of the children on the island had the same savage attributes as some of the others, mostly hunters. This created a stark difference in characteristic traits on the island. You were left with the good versus the bad, or the Civilized versus the Savage. From this, I concluded that the main theme in Lord of the Flies is Civilization vs. Savagery. Throughout the novel, there are many examples that support this and many quotes that exemplify this idea as well. Ralph, the elected leader on the island leads the pack as far as the Civilized ones go. On the other hand, Jack leads the way for the Savage children, as he was elected head of the hunters. It is safe to say that in Lord of the Flies, William Golding intended to give readers a taste of what can happen when societies clash, as the children did on the island.
             When the novel first begins all seems well with just Ralph and Piggy exploring the island, making sense of what they could. However, things take a quick turn for the worst as everyone first meets together. After everyone gathers together Ralph thinks it would make sense to elect a leader, and there are no real objections to this. “Seems we ought to have a chief to decide things” (22). This example proves that Ralph feels the need for an orderly way of doing things. Soon after Jack would take the lesser role of Head Hunter, and soon his true colors would shine. “Rescue? Yes, of course! All the same, I’d like to catch a pig first” (53). From this quote we can see that Jack had savage intentions from the moment he was handed a leadership role on the island. For the first time, we can now see the clash of Civilization in Ralph versus the Savagery in Jack, and how it progresses into the main theme in the novel.
             The next time in the novel when the clash of Civilization in Ralph versus the Savagery in Jack is ...

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