A Brief Aviation History

             October 15, 1783-First hot air balloon constructed by Joseph & Jacques Montgolfier and flown by Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier.
             October 22, 1797-First manned parachute jump.
             March 23, 1840-First photograph is taken of the moon.
             September 24, 1852-First airship is powered by a steam engine.
             1865-Jules Verne publishes a novel, "From the Earth to the Moon".
             December 17, 1903-First powered, manned flight when Wright Flyer flew 121 feet in 12 seconds.
             October 4, 1905-Wright brothers flew 24 miles in 38 minutes and 3 seconds.
             November 13, 1907-First helicopter flight by Frenchman, Paul Cornu. Lasted 20 seconds.
             July 25, 1909-First cross English Channel flight by Frenchman, Louis Bleriot.
             November 14, 1910-First successful carrier takeoff by Eugene Ely.
             December 10, 1911-First transcontinental flight from Long Island, NY to Pasadena, CA by Cal Rodgers in Wright EX "Vin Fiz".
             March 1, 1912-First parachute jump from powered airplane by Captain Albert Berry.
             1914 First two way radio contract between aircraft and ground.
             May 15, 1918-U.S. Post Office inaugurated airmail service.
             May 15-31, 1919-First aircraft to cross the Atlantic, NC-4 (Navy Curtis flying boat) by Lieutenant Commander A.C. Read.
             December 10, 1919-First flight from England to Australia in 135 hours by Vickers Vimy.
             February 22, 1920-First transcontinental mail service arrives in San Francisco from New York in 33 hours and 20 minutes, three days faster than rail service.
             May 2-3, 1923-First nonstop coast to coast flight, New York to San Diego, by Lieutenants Oakley Kelly and John Macready, in 26 hours and 50 minutes.
             September 28, 1924-First round the world by 3 two-seat Douglas World Cruisers of the U.S. Army Air Service.
             May 9, 1926-First flight over the North Pole by Commander Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett.
             May 21, 1927-First, solo, non-stop flight across the Atlantic by Charles A. Lindberg.

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