Bluest Eye

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The Bluest Eye Throughout this passage of The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, one feels both sympathy for Claudia and also her frustration. Claudia is angry over the fact that what society excepts as beautiful is something that she can never be because she is black. Claudia releases her frustration on a doll, that is white and considered beautiful and it brings out her anger because she could never look like that. Morrison through her word choice conveys a sense of sadness when thinking about what Claudia is going through and also one can feel her rage as she breaks the doll apart. Claudia’s parents were “clucking” with joy, believing that they had fulfilled Claudia’s “fondest wish” and would bring her “great pleasure” bu Continue...

Claudia"tms rage is exposed as she breaks it back and knocks all he saw dust out, Claudia can no longer stand for anyone to tell her that that doll is beautiful. The authors detail expresses the rage that Claudia feels and also how one feels sorrowful for Claudia to have experience what she is going through. The dolls limbs will not bend or move with her touch and are still and not rewarding to hold. What Claudia"tms parents accepted as beautiful was what society in general accepted at the time, but this only frustrated Claudia because she could never be like the doll. The doll that Claudia received was a "big blue-eyed Baby Doll" and "all the world had agreed that a blue-eyed, yellow-haired, pink-skinned doll was what every girl child treasured" but to Claudia she was "physically revolted and secretly frightened" of the doll. Claudia loses it and began to "break off the tiny fingers", "remove the cold and stupid eye ball" and " crack the back against the brass bed rail" she destroyed the doll in search of what is lovable in the doll. The saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder explains how Claudia"tms parents can see the doll in one way and how Claudia sees it in the opposite way, and how anyone has their own view of it. Claudia describes he doll as "unyielding" with "tapered fingertips" and its "bone-cold head" collides with hers in the night. As parents all Claudia"tms parents wanted to do was to bring her happiness and give her what they thought was a beautiful doll, for Christmas. Rage posses Claudia and one must think that is that so wrong for Claudia to feel that way. What supposedly the world sees as beautiful may not be what everyone thinks just because it is white with blue eyes and blonde hair. Claudia is upset with the doll because, what is accepted as beautiful is something that she can never be and that frustrates her. During the night the doll does not comfort her it only provides her with pain and displeasure as she bumps into it during the night. The way the author puts one in Claudia"tms state of mind one can imagine this hard and unlovable doll and wanting to break it apart.