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Free Time People learn lessons from various ways, one way people learn is through personal experience. I learned two important lessons from my experiences with football. They are to be a successful football player one must be strong, fast, and lucky, and if a person truly believes in a dream, eventually the dream will come true. Ever since I was in middle school, I wanted to play football in the NFL. As I got older and started playing football in high school, I realized that my dream of playing football in the NFL wasn’t going to happen because I lacked the speed and size necessary to play. However, if I worked hard, I had a chance of playing football in college. I had a new dream, a dream that was a little more realistic. I tried out for football my freshmen year at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I didn’t make the team because I was too small for the position. I didn’t give up and worked really hard. Everyday after class, I meet with the strength and conditioning coach and did endless repetitions of numerous exercises. The fourth week of lifting weights was the test week, and every fourth week I would be stronger than the previous test week. I was stronger than ever before. During the spring, I had football co Continue...

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Although, my dream of playing football was cut short because of injury, I learned two important lessons. The same linebacker, who filled the hole, ran outside and tackled the running back. I tried out for football again my sophomore year, in hope of keeping my dream alive, this time at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. For the first two weeks of practice I worked with the kids, and helped them learn the game of football. I got home and decided to call even through I wasn't totally sure if coaching was right for me. My dream was over; I didn't know what to do. Each and every one of the eighteen kids, on my team, carried part of my dream with him. The linebacker made a great play; he ran up to fill a hole created by the offense. I realized that my dream did not die when I got injured, but in fact, it was more alive than ever. I started coaching and teaching the kids many different skills that I learned over the years of playing. Besides the pain, I felt during the workouts, I felt great because I knew that I was getting bigger, stronger, and faster.


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