Multiculturalism in Australia

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Australia is a multicultural society. However, there are mixed feelings among the community about being multicultural. These conflicting viewpoints, stemming from things like the amount of education a person has, their upbringing, media exposure of certain race issues and the political nature of society, develop different attitudes towards multiculturalism. Some believe multiculturalism is good for the society as it brings cultural diversity to the society, can foster a tolerant society, and improve relations with other countries. However, others think multiculturalism is bad, perhaps under the belief that migrants take jobs, that they bring racial tension to Australia, and that they create and settle in ghettos. A person’s upbringing plays a major role in their views of the world, and indeed, what they believe about multicultural societies. If a person has grown up in a diverse suburb, with many different races, they would be more likely to be more tolerant of a multicultural society than a person who grew up in a one race suburb, or community. Parent’s attitudes are also very important in shaping a person’s view of the world, because as a child, your parents are one of the first people whose thoughts and views on a subjec Continue...

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As you grow, it is your friends that influence your beliefs the most, including your attitude towards multiculturalism. Speaking generally, a person who has finished a University degree is more likely to be aware of their world than a person who left school in Year Ten. If there is a large community of people in Australia from another country, the two countries are more likely to have good relations with each other, and perhaps create trade agreements and strengthen political ties. The conflicting views about multicultural societies can be divided into two groups, those which are in favour of multiculturalism, and those which are not. The same thing goes for media coverage of proposed legislation, or politician's beliefs on a subject to do with multiculturalism, like Pauline Hanson. However, there are also arguments against multiculturalism. Many people believe that migrants bring their racial problems to Australia, and create tension and upset here. Those against multiculturalism, however, believe migrants may bring racial problems to Australia, both within other cultures and the fostering of racism within the rest of the population, that migrants take jobs, and that facilities for people from other cultures use money that could be better spent elsewhere. Eve more other people think that a multicultural society should not be had as migrants create unemployment, and take jobs from previously there Australians. This money, some argue, could be better spent on dealing with unemployment, or poverty in Australia, even foreign aid, rather than spending it on the people living in a multicultural society in Australia. Therefore, the more educated a person is, the more likely they are to be more tolerant of multicultural societies. This worries people as it means Australian would have nothing to hold up as an icon, a typical Australian, and no definite identity overseas, which could have dire ramifications on the tourism industry. Media coverage of events will also have some effect on the formation of views about multicultural societies. If a person had been in a war against an Asian country, for example, and had experienced hardship or traumatic times because of an Asian soldier, it would be expected that this experience would colour their views towards a multicultural society later on in life, to a negative view. The premise that this is based on is that if people experience, and subsequently learn about other cultures, they will no longer fear or be ignorant about them, and thus be more tolerant, and perhaps even embrace the contrasts that other races give to a community.


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