Analization of There are no Children Here

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“You do not fully know a man until you have walked around in his shoes” Social isolation due to economical disadvantages is the criteria of which Alex Kotlowitz novel There Are No Children Here is based upon. It is a true story in which free lance journalist, Kotlowitz followed the lives of two children, there mother and the rest of their siblings growing up in government project home in Chicago’s west side ghetto. The main characters of the story are Lafeyette and Pharoah Rivers and their mother La Joe and how they survive the hardship and struggles of an impoverished life and non existence to the rest of the world. The first thing that La Joe mentions to Kotlowitz when she agrees to let him follow and live in their footsteps is the following comment, "But you know, there are no children here," she told him. "They've seen too much to be children.", and it is here that we receive the title of this sentimental and heart felt novel. The predicament that the people of this socially separated, violence reigning, horrendous poverty stricken urban community saw on a daily basis gave them no hope for the future. The people learned to become accustomed to and accept that there was little they could do to change the views of th Continue...

He was a daydreamer and frequently lost himself in his thoughts. She has made a mistake with her oldest children and tries to change that around with Lafeyette, Pharoah and their other siblings. La Joe instills into her children strong values that will help them get through whatever obstacles life throws out at them. The outcome of the coalition was not a very positive thing as Lafeyette the eldest of the boys had gone into a life of crime and was caught stealing and seen smoking marijuana. He looks after his brother, Pharoah, as well as his younger triplet siblings. The children are always caught in the grasps of gangs exchanging gun fire and letting out there anger and may not even live to see a new day as a result of it. The continuation of her life lies within them and the success they will have as they grow and hopefully escape the economical hardship and struggles they were susceptible to in their youth. Pharoah the youngest of the two brothers was a more dependent and self aware child who took advantage of the protection that his brother has given to him. So sadly the mission to improve the lives of the people of the Henry Horner Homes or Chicago's west side projects was not successful in it first attempt. When asked what he would like to do or become when he grew up he responded with the words "If which plainly shows the danger that the children faced on a daily basis and the fear that they will never have the chance to grow up. He had broken up the bond of the coalition at which part of their vision was destroyed. He brings food and clothing to families and children. As the leader it is he who states "There are a lot of people in the projects who state that they're not gonna do drugs, that they won't be in the streets. Miscommunication and ignorance on both of their parts leads them to believe that each one will harm the other. She still holds on to the false hope that maybe things will be able to change and turn around when none of the citizens have any political involvement with what goes on outside of their world.