World War II and the Vietnam War

             Probably the most dramatic difference between World War II and Vietnam is the way America felt about the wars after they were both over. At the end of World War, most Americans came out from the war convinced that they had won the “Good War.” (The American Promise pg.701) However, the same couldn't be said about the Vietnam War. It is known that Vietnam was the longest and the second most costly of the wars fought by the United States. It has also shown that in U.S. Polls, two of three Americans judge the war as a “Mistake.” ( Even though people might disagree, listen to the facts and you will know why.
             The Vietnam War is one of the most disgraceful periods in American history. Not only did an almost third-world nation best the greatest superpower in the world, but it also embarrassed them as well. Perhaps this war could have been won, or even prevented in the first place. The United States could have and should have won this war, with a combination of better weapons usage, better tactics, and better support from their home country.
             Before the War, Vietnam was a hotly disputed territory. Many countries had taken Vietnam over, and after World War II, Vietnam were in the hands of France. Obviously, the Vietnamese wanted their own country, and their long history of being a colony prompted the oppressed people to fight for their independence in the French-Indochina war. Ho Chi Min, a leader of the Communist party, organized the Vietnamese independence movement, Viet Minh.
             Asking for support from America first, Ho Chi Min did not want to have to turn to communist support for the freedom of his people. Since the United States viewed helping Ho gain his independence from France as a move against their own allies, they declined (The Vietnam War Vol. 3 pg.28) It was only after Russia and China offered to help that Ho adopted communist ideals and wanted to make all of Vietnam communist...

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