Bless Me Ultima

             There are many themes in the story Bless Me Ultima, many views, many interpretations that can be drawn from the text. What the story ultimately comes down to is what was on Rudolfo Anaya’s mind at the time of writing the book. The aspect that draws most interest is what aspect of Anaya’s own personal life was he drawing attention to. And the answer to that question is that he was spiritually torn at the time of writing this story.
             The first theme that draws religious significance is of the three deaths. Antonio (Tony) Marez is a small boy, at the young age of six. He faces many difficult challenges that he must overcome using his wits and his faith as the story progresses. Of the many themes that can be drawn from this book, a few stand out as most important to the future of Tony.
             The most important events Tony faces in the story are the three un-natural deaths he witnesses. The deaths are used as symbols in their story. The way each death occurred and the reactions all symbolize Tony’s ongoing maturity as the story progresses. The first of these deaths is the killing of Lupito.
             Lupito is described as a man who is mentally unbalanced after returning from the war. As the commotion starts, Chavez tells us that his brother, the sheriff, has been shot and killed by Lupito. Tony’s father joins the small mob that goes to hunt Lupito, and Tony makes his way down to the river, finding himself almost face to face with Lupito. As Tony crouches in the bushes, he sees Lupito fire his gun into the air, drawing fire from the mob on the bridge. Lupito falls over dead after being shot many times. Tony returns home and questions himself. Should he have helped? Should he have blessed Lupito? What could he have done to save Lupito’s soul? These questions give us our first insight into the mind of young Tony. We see a young boy torn apart by the death of a man he did not know. And the reason he is so torn apart is because he thinks h...

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