Should the media be censored to protect children?

             In today’s society the media play an important role. People mostly use the press, the tadio, television and the internet as a great source of information and entrtainment. Every day different broadcasters are trying to produce something new, something that will shock, amaze or enertain the public. However, it often happens that we are being bombarded with scenes of violence and with faul and explicit language.It is a fact, that such texts and programmes are not only viewed by a grown-up audience. The most appalling thing is that many children and teenagers are exposed to this kind of material.
             Nowadays, there are many examples of teen magazines which mostly rise such issues as sex, contraception and Aids. What is more, they present obscene material and explicit pictures like it is shown in article A, where in 19 magazine appeared: ‘a picture of a semi-clad tattooed youth lying on top of a girl with his thumb in her mouth’. Are such things really ‘entertaining, informative and usefull’ as the publishers claim? Most of such magazines are aimed at 12- to 19- year-olds so the majority of them are just children. In my opinion giving them instructions on how to make love, on ‘cosy sex, perfect positions, foreplay fun and after-sex servicing’ (article A) is wrong and can be very dangerous to their mental health.
             Another appaling example comes from television. We often leave our children in front of a TV screen without realising how harmful it can be to them. Article A states that: ‘words like bugger or bastard have been creeping into programmes- particularly comedies- broadcast before the 9pm watershed’. What is more, children acquire such wors easily and treat them as a part of their evryday vocabulary.
             As far as internet goes, it is widely known that the material on the web is really indecent and that a ban should be put on distributing it. In many cases children have access to ‘parently offensive words or images...

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