History of Sardines

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In our health conscious society, the emphasis is on consuming nutritious foods, low-calorie foods, which will improve our health. We can find these very things in sardines, offering protein, minerals, vitamins, and cholesterol-reducing Omega 3 fatty acid. This Omega 3 fatty acid aids in the prevention of heart attack and stroke. Sardines, also known as whitebait, got their name from the Island of Sardinia located in the Mediterranean Sea. Whitebait is a somewhat generic term that includes all tiny fish, specific kind of fish being indifferent. Known as sardines when young, they are actually pilchards, a member of the herring gamily, there are at least twenty different species being canned currently. The anatomy of the sardine consists of a single dorsal fin, a forked caudal fin and spiny scales running along the belly. A sardine grows up to fourteen inches long and can weigh up to five ounces. They have a silvery color and some species have dark spots along their sides. Sardines are coastal fish, they travel in schools, in numbers of hundreds of thousands to millions. Their large number and rapid movement protect them against predators. They migrate between feeding and spawning habitats over a twelve-month period. A sa Continue...

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With the new technology, the canning process, and new ways of preparation, apparently sardines have not only maintained the value, but gained consumers. There are more than twenty varies species sold worldwide, in the United States herring is the variety sold. Eventually the population of sardines began to be replenished due to the protection from fishing moratorium put into effect in 1967. Canned sardines will keep indefinitely, but it is still important to look for the sell by date. The Codex Alimentarius, an international listings of standards for all types of food, states that the "head and gills of the sardine shall be completely removed and the scales and or tail may be removed. Sardines have been a source of food for centuries, and our government has used regulations to protect the supply, as well as making sure the supply offered to consumers is safe. The Franco-Prussian War of 1870 caused the United States supply of French sardines to be hard to obtain and costly; this made way for the First Main cannery in 1873, eventually Maine became known as a "standard of excellence in sardines. Sardines are also ideal for grilling of broiling; with a rub of herbs and salt, place them on a lightly oiled surface or in a grilling basket for four to five minutes. The fishermen were curers, as well as the packers. The major suppliers of imported sardines are Canada, Mexico, and Morocco. Fresh sardines should be covered with a dampened paper towel and stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator. American Indians harvested sardines along the coast of Maine, using brushwood traps, a method similar to the Indians was used by the commercial fisherman in Maine. In each year between 1991 and 1999, the United Stated imported two to three times more sardines than were packed domestically.


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