Illegal Street Racing

             It is midnight at the local Wal-Mart, with the parking lot packed with all makes and models of import cars, ranging from Acura Integra’s to Honda Civics, paint jobs shining as bright as a new star in the evening light. The late evening air is heavy with the smell of high-octane exhaust. The atmosphere is a mixture of tension and excitement for the nights pending festivities. From somewhere in the crowd, a cell phone starts ringing. In just a matter of minutes, the parking lot is deserted. Like a convoy of ants, the cars head out to a deserted stretch of highway to partake in what has, in many communities, become a nuisance to law enforcement, and an adrenalin rush for gear-heads of all ages, illegal street drag racing.
             The sport of drag racing, both legal and illegal, has been around for decades. A sport that, in the 60’s and 70’s, was dominated solely by Pontiac GTO’s, Ford Mustangs, and Chevrolet Camaros, now is littered with Honda Civics, Acura Integra’s, and Toyota Celica’s. Though the concept is still the same, the stakes are much higher. With these cars reaching speeds in excess of 100 MPH, safety is at stake too. More often then not though, safety takes a backseat to the need to go faster then the person in the next lane. With this mindset, rest assured there will be an accident. Very seldom does a street racer walk away from an accident while racing. What can seem like harmless fun, can turn tragic in just the blink of an eye. In one such case, two cars were involved in an apparent 100 MPH drag race when one of the cars lost control and careened into a third vehicle in L.A. last year. Both drivers involved in the crash died at the scene. The driver of the third vehicle was seriously injured. His only crime was being at the wrong place at the wrong time. According to a report publish on June 26, 2001, by, from 1995 to 2001; Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) att

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