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You are a fifteen-year-old girl with a bright future ahead, until you realize that you are pregnant because of a rape. You have just undergone three months of psychiatric treatment because of that horrific night and now you realize that you are carrying this monster’s child. What are you going to do? You are incapable of taking care of yourself, much less another human being. You decide that the best thing to do is terminate the pregnancy. The only problem is abortion is illegal. You have two choices, either go through with the pregnancy or try to find someone who will perform the procedure anyway. You opt for the latter only to find that the end result is not only the termination of a pregnancy but also your death. While this example may seem a little harsh, it is something that happens everyday around the world. Women are dying or becoming very ill due to the fact that abortion is illegal. Is there not a way that societies could come to an agreement on this issue? Considering my Christian background, I do not Continue...

They are saying that the baby must be born in order to have rights. I believe that it should be a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy during the first trimester if she chooses. believe in abortion but I cannot push my beliefs onto another person. In this paper, I plan to discuss the issues at hand in hopes that we could all see how there can be a neutral ground. What happens when one is raped or sexually molested by a family member Should a woman have to go through a pregnancy knowing that her child may be retarded or that the end result may be her death Another such argument is that the fetus is a human being and it is the rights of the people to protect that human being. Making conception the moral marker creates ethical difficulties with fertilized eggs, which fail to implant, and with spontaneous abortions-miscarriages- which occur later (Hadley 62). "I do not discount the question of the fetus's moral value as a potential person, but a woman must have the power to decide to have and abortion, because the corollary of refusing her an abortion is coerced pregnancy and childbirth (Hadley 61). These same people who say it is wrong to kill, are generally the ones who are killing doctors. After all it has been proven "that four out of ten women have lost a fertilized embryo and most miscarriages occur before the twelfth week of pregnancy. While this may be a wonderful observation, it still doesn't answer the question. If these people are saying it is wrong to murder then why are they murdering It is not our place to judge others. If a fetus is capable of breathing at twenty-two weeks then shouldn't it be granted the same rights as any other human. When exactly does the fetus become morally significant "Many Roman Catholics follow the Vatican view that from the moment of fertilization the embryo has the same moral claims as any other human being (Hadley 62). "In the wake of attacks on doctors, fewer physicians are willing to perform abortions, making a guaranteed "right often inaccessible to many (O'Connor 11).