Technology and Inventions of the Good Old Days

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The ‘Good Old Days’ had many inventions and a lot had a big impact on society. The main theme of the inventions were the use of electricity and invention of electrical appliances. For example, the light bulb by Thomas Edison, the telephone by Alexander Bell, and the plane by the Wilbur and Oliver Wright. Quick and accurate communication is very important in society and to the economy. Alexander Gram Bell invented the telephone in 1876. The telephone actually expanded out from ideas he made to the telegraph. The telephone came to be a very needed item in the house and truly useful too soon after it was invented. With the telephone out, anyone had the power to talk to anyone around the world, which helped businesses and offices a lot with orders and transactions. Another plus to the telephone was that no one had to know morse code or go to a telegraph office to send or receive a message. The military also benefitted since they could keep in contact with the enemy. It’s proven that the War of 1812 might have been prevented if t Continue...

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The only flaw was that he couldn't make it turn. More electrical inventions included the electric heaters and the electric stove. Since then we use the power to record audio in many places. Otto Lilienthal died gliding in 1896. From then forward, Orville and Wilbur Wright read about Lilienthal graciously. On December 4, 1877 Edison was the first person to record and play back the human voice on the phonograph. Without these inventions, life in America and the rest of the world would be much different than it is today, and not only worse. Before the Wrights, aeronautics was mainly hot air balloons, airships, dirigibles. In 1908, Orville and Wilbur Wright perfectly flew the first their plane with the capabilities of actually flying. The electric stove, invented in 1891, was mainly used in restaurants for the first couple years and then was sold to the public. The disadvantage with the telephone, it put the Pony Express and other postal workers out of business now that people didn"tmt have to send their messages by paper. Edison often sought inventions to meet a demand in the marketplace. The automobile was another invention that changed life up to today. Even though the car created pollution, it was more tolerated at the time than horse filth.


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