The Effects of Music on Teenagers’ Emotions

             When teenagers listen to music, does it make them depressed? Does listening to music make them happy? Some people think it does affect them and others do not. Regardless if the person likes music or not it is involved some way in that person’s life; whether it’s by playing an instrument, listening to songs on the radio, studying music, or even by hearing a song being played in a store. When listening to music teenagers are effected by it, and music can help to change a teen’s emotions, both positively and negatively.
             In the human brain there is a chemical called EEG when activated, changes a person’s emotions. According to a recent study, “the positive affect is associated with greater relative left frontal EEG activation and negative affect is associated with greater relative right frontal EEG activation” (Field and others 109). In that study they took fourteen chronically depressed female adolescents and played rock music to them for twenty-one minute sessions. Then they took another fourteen chronically depressed female
             adolescents and had them sit and relax their minds and muscles for the same time period (Field and others 109). “EEG was recorded during baseline, music, and post-music for three minutes each, and saliva samples were collected before and after the session to determine the effects of the music on stress hormone (cortisol) levels” (Field and others 109). The results were that cortisol levels decreased and the relative right frontal activation was significantly attenuated during and after the music procedure. Which proves that music did have an effect on the emotions of the female adolescents.
             In another study they investigated the relationship
             between preference for heavy metal music and vulnerability to suicide. In their investigation, they used 121 high school students as their subjects. “Heavy metal fans had less strong reasons for living (especially male fans) and had more th...

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