Velicovsky Predictions

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VELIKOVSKY PREDICTIONS 1. Venus was a comet before it became a planet ca 1500bc. 2. High surface temperature of Venus in 100’s of degrees and a massive surface pressure. 3. Retrograde revolution of Venus. Anomalous behavior. 4. Petroleum products in atmosphere of Venus. 5. Plastic constitution of body of Venus not very rigid due to above. 6. Interplanetary Electromagnetic @ Electrostatic forces becoming very paramount at close encounters between cosmic bodies. 7. Recent and repeated world catastrophes (Excluding those over 10,000 yr.) which destroyed Animals,Plants,Humans and Civilizations in the recent 3-4000 yrs. 8. The very recent dislocations of the orbits of Earth, Venus, Mars @ Moon, due to near collisions between them. 9. The contra rotation of Earth i.e. the Reversal of East and West due to above. 10. The shifting of the Earth Celestial Axis of Rotation several times in the last 2-3000 yrs. 11. Due to the above dislocations, the Orientations of Stonehenge, Pyramids and other fixed monuments are obsolete and do not of course conform to the Solar System as it is today. 12. Manna from Heaven was a product of Venus’s Hydrocarbons and Bacteri Continue...

Lavas on the Moon will have high Magnetic Remnance in craters with ray formations since these were due to Interplanetary Electromagnetic Discharges. Uniformitarianism( Newton, Darwin, etc. Resonances in the orbits of EarthMoon, EarthVenus, EarthMars due to their Orbital encounter. Analysis of Magnetic Inclination (Dip) in clay tablets and pottery from archaeological sites would show reversals of the Earth Magnetic Field due to recent Cosmic encounters as mentioned in almost every " Mythology in Human History and Folklore. ) is a theory which is incompatible , unacceptable and cannot in many instances explain the Historical, Paleontological, Geological and Archaeological records available to Scientists and Historians. Jupiter is an emitter of Radio Noises due to its turbulent and active atmosphere. Conventional Middle Eastern history is incompatible with the records and exhibits Duplicate and Ghost dynasties , kings and periods culminating in discrepancies of 500 to 1000 years!!. The surfaces of Mars, Venus and Moon bubbled during their recent encounters creating craters (bubble bursts ) and domes when they did not. These forces were capable of producing Physical, Dynamic and Rotational changes among the contestants. Canals on its surface are Rifts due to surface dislocations and Tectonic movements.