The Types of Peer Pressure Teenagers Face

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The Types of Peer Pressure Teenagers Face In today’s world, teenagers are influenced by many things. Some of those things include television, music, and sports, but the most important influence on a teenager is their peers. Teenagers desire approval from their peers more than anything else. They will go to any extreme to fit in. When their peers do something, they want to do it, too. Teenagers want to blend in with the crowd. There are many different types of things teens are pressured to do by their peers such as drinking, smoking, doing drugs, having sex, and being thin. The pressure to drink is one type of pressure that teenagers face from their peers. Almost every teen has tried alcohol, and many are regular drinkers. Teens think drinking makes them look cool. At parties and other social gatherings, teens are pressured to drink because it is considered an expected party activity. Alcohol doesn’t seem dangerous to many teenagers, therefore, they continue to drink. Drinking alcohol is Continue...

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It is on television and billboards. The pressure to smoke starts at an early age, and teens think that it makes them look olderand cooler. Teenagers are made to believe that only thin people can besuccessful and accepted. Premarital sex is an additional type of peer pressure on teens. The way a teenager handles these pressures plays avery important role in shaping the way they turn out as an adult. Overweightpeople are criticized and ridiculed. They are persuaded to do iton dates by their friends or even the person they are on the date with. They don"tmt always believe it is theright thing to do, but when they are put in the situation and the other person wants to do it, theyusually give in. Being thin is also a type of peer pressure for teens to face in today"tms world. If they give in to the first pressure, they could very easily be swayed togive in to another pressure. Every day, numerousteenagers are pressured to smoke cigarettes, and many of these teens begin smoking on a dailybasis. one of the first types of peer pressure thatteens will have to face. These pressures are a major crisis forteenagers.


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