Demystifying Multiculturalism

             Response to “Demystifying Multiculturalism”
             Multiculturalism is one of the most controversial issues in education, I believe. Not only is it used in education anymore but also used in government, corporate leaders, and even media. Linda Chavez’s, “Demystifying Multiculturalism” best describes how multiculturalism is used in the United States. It describes the ways that people are being judged by the color of the skin. People arrived in the United States that had a different racial or ethnic background; they were thought of as a disadvantage compared to the white American men. Discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice. White American people are being discriminated against, because of affirmative action.
             I agree with her about white people being discriminated against. In the court case, University of California vs. Bakke, Bakke filed a law suite against the University for not allowing him to attend medical school. The university, because of affirmative action, had to accept a certain number of non-white students before accepting any other white students. Bakke scored higher on his test then most of the non-white student, but was not accepted. Bakke was more qualified to enter college but was not admitted. His case won, and he was allowed to attend medical school, but it didn’t change the policy of affirmative action. Bakke’s case showed that a white student was being discriminated against.
             Chavez also writes that most of the people are not of full-blood race, and that they are mixed blood. Lots of Hispanics marry non-Hispanic whites, and that is also true of other races. Why do they get almost the same treatment as a true immigrant? We all came from an ancestor that was once an immigrant; so shouldn’t we all get the same treatment?
             The Government spends billions of money on teaching immigrants how to speak the native language in different kinds of pro...

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