Becoming a Waitor

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Not As Easy As It Looks Becoming a waiter is quite difficult. Becoming a good waiter is even a lot harder. Customers are the name of the game, but they are also the downfall. You have good ones that treat you nice and tip well all the way to the bossy ones that want something for free then stiff you. Turning out to be that good waitress requires mastering your daily chores, dealing with customers, and accomplishing multiple tasks at one time. Your main goal is to gain the customers respect. A career as a waiter has its benefits: You can mane tons of money on tips, your schedules can be flexible, allowing you to attack other projects, and you get the chance to talk to people all day long. Landing all of these benefits is not easy. To get the job, the flexible schedules, and the high tips, you need to be good at it, and being a good waiter can be incredibly tough. So before tying those aprons, you might want to look into some tips and listen to some stories to help for your journey into the hospitality industry. Not only does a career as a waiter have its perks, but it also has its downfalls. Being a waiter is work. You will be on your feet for hours, carrying heavy items, and managing many requests at once. While doing all Continue...

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Going over your chores with your manager or another waiter will help out with the stress of the job. If a customer ever starts to pick a fight, then merely say "I think the manager would be able to help you better than I can" and go get the manager. Friendly waiters get better tips, and you will enjoy yourself more if you 3are being pleasant. A waiter should be able to explain the menu, and be able to write fast and legible. Being a good waiter entails paying special attention to your regular customers. You will eventually learn the best way to carry your restaurant"tms trays and plates, and you will be whisking around the restaurant- a tray balanced on each pinkie like the rest of the pros. Working in a restaurant, despite its sometimes grueling nature, is a social job. The first reason is that your chores will be relatively easy to do - albeit gross at times. You may have to memorize the menu and prices too, as well as daily specials. The most difficult task you will have to master is carrying plates to and from the tables. They should be experienced in all aspects of being a waiter such as seating and greeting. This is not a good job for people with high-strung personalities. A waiter should be able to handle any task of a waiter"tms complex and demanding job.


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