Driving Policy For Elderly

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Picture this in your mind. It’s a beautiful sunny day in the middle of nowhere, and there’s not a single city or town for miles. It’s a straight road that leads passed your eye distance disappearing into the horizon. Wouldn’t you want to test your car to see how fast it really can go? Now picture this. It’s a cold rainy day and your stuck behind a car that’s moving as slow as molasses. Now wouldn’t you get mad? What would your feelings be towards this? Wouldn’t it be exhilarating to drive over a hundred miles an hour? So, do you think that elderly people should retake their drivers test? The problem with elderly people these days are because younger men and women believe that they can become a hazard among themselves and other drivers. Elderly people only have problems on the road when they aren’t able to perform their driving skills any longer. Like they might fall asleep at night during long distance driving because once you get older, you seem to feel more tired. Also, their weak bones and muscles. It might ev Continue...

I remember when my mother and I had left from one of my Hampstead Hoops basketball games, and after the game a chose to ride home with my mother. The police wont pull over someone if they are going a few miles over the speed limit, but will definitely pull someone over going under the speed limit in a speed zone like a highway. As time passed, I started to slowly close my eyes and fall asleep. en be slow reactions because to brain begins to shut down when you get older and so does your body. Right away I knew that person had to do something about the way he or she drives. When an elderly man or woman has a physical issue with himself or herself, like poor eye vision or bad hearing, then what they need is an eye examination or a hearing test. I don't think that every old man or woman will become a danger hazard, but for the ones who do, I don't think it will hurt them to just drop by the nearest DMV to take their drivers test over again. That person is just going to have to see if they pass the exam because they should retake it if that's the case. I really can't do anything about it when someone has weak bones and muscles or slow reactions that can't really be treated. My mother was hoping that the old person would turn soon because it was getting late and I still had homework to finish. To make a long story short, the old man, or woman stayed in front of us all the way from Manchester, NH. When that one specific car pulled out in front of us, I could see the old persons figure in the glare from the incoming cars.