Discrimination Against Women

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The perception of certain work as feminine has had a significant impact on women, both at home and in the workplace. Often feminine jobs regulate women to positions where they earn less money and are less likely to become management than their male counterparts. In addition, at home women are still chiefly responsible for managing the household and child rearing. These mundane and repetitive duties are not considered masculine, like vehicle maintenance and yard work, and therefore fall on the shoulders of women. Working women constantly battle against horizontal segregation, the separation of women and men into gender specific jobs. These feminine positions, also known as pink collar jobs, mainly involve working with people, domestic duties, and administrative work. Men mostly hold both blue collar jobs, factory and mechan Continue...

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Additionally, blue collar jobs are often unionized resulting in both higher wages and better benefits. These positions are considered more valuable which translates into higher wages. Generally, after eight hours of paid labor women continue their workday at home. Because women, almost always, take on the major responsibility for domestic duties and child care there is an ill-conceived notion that the nurturing, loving mother can't also be the tough, dedicated manager. Top-level managers are responsible for budget development, supervising teams of employees, and both daily and long-term planning. This recognized division of duties is called the gender division of household work. ical work, and white collar jobs, professional work. Likewise, female lawyers are less likely to practice criminal law and are more likely to practice family law. At home, the tasks that women are responsible for require daily attention and are never-ending. Although they have earned the degrees and put in the necessary years of service an invisible barrier or glass ceiling holds these women back. In the workplace, women often earn less money, receive minimal or no benefits, and are denied access to upper-level management jobs when they occupy pink collar jobs. The other third tends to be shared by men and children, with female children performing a greater amount of housework than male children. As the party that is mainly responsible for maintaining the household and child care women do more work around the house than men, with the figure averaging around two-thirds. 1 Similarly, female college professors typically teach in the humanities and social science disciplines, while male professors are more visible in the physical sciences.


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