Rich vs. Poor

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“Once upon a time . . .” is a phrase used in fairy tales. A fairy tales is a story, for children, involving unbelievable things such as fairies, wizards, goblins, dwarfs, dragons, princesses, knights and other magical creatures. Many of these fairy tales were created years ago to entertain children. There are two brothers who created many of these tales; they are Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The brother’s made up stories ranging from fairy tales to religious allegories. One religious allegory that I thought was intriguing was “The Poor Man and the Rich Man.” This story was written between the late 1700s and the early 1800s. In the story, the brothers showed how money and appearance change the way people view other people. The rich man, in the story, can be seen as rude, uncaring and self-involved. For example, “Then the rich man heard someone knocking at his door, he opened the window and asked the stranger what he wanted. The Lord answered, I only ask for a night's lodging. Then the rich man looked at the traveler from head to foot, and as the Lord was wearing common clothes, and did not look like one who had much money in his pocket, he shook his head, and said, no, I cannot take you in, my rooms are full of herbs and s Continue...

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Since people were religious during the time of the Brothers, they tried to create a story that would allow people to think about what they would do if the Lord came and knocked on their door one day. So the rich man without knowing the traveler was the Lord sent him away because he looked like a common, poor man. Then the second rich man did not want to kill his own sheep for his guest so he takes and kills a poor mans lamb. The poor man in the story took this passage to heart. We know that when the Grimm Brother's lived, people were very religious; therefore, had the rich man known it was the Lord he would have given the Lord the best of everything he had. After he asks the rich man, the Lord then goes to the poor man, who of course treats the Lord like a king. The bible tells us in this passage that we are to treat others with respect no matter how insignificant they may seem. For example, we read in the story, "They had not much to offer him, but what they had they would give him with all their hearts. It ate from the man's own plate and drank from his cup. The Lord helped the poor man have a better life because the poor man gave of himself. Then she put the potatoes on the fire, and while they were boiling, she milked the goat, that they might have a little milk with them. They also gave him part of a fig cake and two clusters of raisins because he hadn't had anything to eat or drink for three days and nights. This shows that the rich do not respect and trust other people.


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