Speech on Smoking

             A. The day starts off at 7:30, you wake your weary eyes up and realize that its time for mentor class at 8. You get dressed, do you hair, and put on your favorite cologne or perfume and then its straight on to class. Mentor class is finally over and next you have public speech, there is a 15-minute break in between the two classes. You are feeling really stressed and nervous knowing that you have a speech to do in class. What do you do? Do you listen to your favorite CD mix? Nope. Do you take Miss Manos advice and go run a few laps around WPC? Nope, not with these lungs. Should you pray? Maybe later. What should you do?
             B. Well I am going to tell you what I just did and probably what an estimated 52.8 million people would have done, my stress reliever, cigarettes. Smoking is a very bad habit and I am going to tell you why. Now I know that you are all thinking, why the heck should I listen to a speech about how people should stop smoking from a person who is a smoker himself, Mark Chang, you are a damn hypocrite. Well even if you are thinking this exact thought just know that just because of the fact that I am a smoker does not mean I want to quit, and doing research for this speech has made me realize that I should really cut down on my usual 10 cigarettes a day.
             C. Research has told me about why number 1, why people smoke, number two how smoking effects us, and number 3 many different statistics on smoking. This brings to my first point of why people smoke.
             A. There are numerous reasons why people smoke. One of the obvious reasons that people smoke is because they think it is cool. No one really wants to smoke because it is well known that smoking is bad for you. Peer pressure and many other things like movies and music videos make it seem as if smoking is the cool thing to do. Now to the technical parts of why people smoke. (show diagram of cigarette). In cigarettes are over 600 chemicals. One o

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