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Thoroughly reading through Rodriguez’s essay “Achievement for Desire,” I became more disturbed by the way he carelessly set aside his family and heritage through his drive for success Through his desire for achievement, he lost in the ties with family, and the connection to his long lost childhood he once portrayed. Richard raced to the end of education with so much drive and such a long for success that “it’s consequent price--- the loss” (Richard Rodriguez, pg.566) didn’t ever seem to cross is mind, until the end. Everything that one wants comes with a sacrifice, or a consequence on the flip side. Rodriguez’s consequences were the loss of family, loss of a childhood, and in the midst he lost who he really was and where he came from. As a vulnerable adolescent Rodriguez really had no ground to stand on, he was being shaped by the pull of two exceptionally strong forces. Two very opposite worlds were not meant for intermingle. The desire for the world into education became too strong that for him something had to give. Someone so young and so focused in their ways cannot keep a balance between the two cultures. In conclusion to things, Rodriguez sees it as Continue...

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Richard wanted to succeed and his drive for education baffled his parents. We all have a desire for something and that something we cant have. A student who manages to learn in two very different worlds. Although at the end of education he became bold enough to long for the past, giving him a certain admiration for that loss. "He is enormously obedient to the dictates of the world, and school, but emotionally still strongly wants to continue as part of the family circle. With the desire for achievement comes a ravenous need that prevents a entirety to oneself and as a result one suffers loss of a vital part to their wholeness. Once you've reached the end you've been taught all you need to know you take it to the next level in life, step outside the basics onto a whole new playing field, college and eventually a career. "It would require many more years of schooling (an inevitable miseducation) in which I came to trust the silence of reading and the habit of abstracting from immediate experience moving away from a life of closeness and immediacy I remembered with my parents, growing older--before I turned unafraid to desire the past, and thereby achieved what had eluded me for so long--- the end of education (Rodriguez pg. Rodriguez's interests and big ideas were entirely different from those at home. Leaving no choice but for there to be disagreement within the exchanges of family life. The back bone at home never existed for him. It's just beyond our reach, hard to pin down. I never forgot that schooling had irretrievably changed my family's life.


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