Acknowledgement, to some it may mean nothing, but to others it may mean the world to a lot of people. Being acknowledged means so much to people because it shows them that people are actually listening to their ideas. Being acknowledged is a very important thing to experience, but yet there are some people in our past and present that deserve to be acknowledged. The articles, Understanding Integration, White Privilege, and Learning to Read, (by Gerald Early, Peggy McIntosh, and Malcolm X, respectively) are connected in that they talk about how different people have reacted in the situations and how they were acknowledged or not acknowledged. Acknowledgement is the one thing that all human beings crave.
             Acknowledging differences between people can be a good thing and a bad thing. It can be good when you are acknowledging the differences in your religion or the person’s ethnicity. I think that it can be bad when you are pointing out differences in their appearance, by this I mean like skin color or facial features. In the article Understanding Integration by Gerald Early, Gerald talks about how it is important to know the differences in human beings because it will help other human beings to acknowledge and become informed of the differences. And maybe this will make them have a different point of view on their backgrounds and want to become better friends with them enabling them to learn even more about them, and maybe find similarities in there differences. In doing this maybe in the end it will “Not a victory of white over black or white over black, but rather it was black and white lying down side by side as equals”(57).
             Acknowledgement may be important but in some cases acknowledging differences in people is wrong. Like when you are using it to have an advantage because you are of another race. White privilege is a term where the definition is in the word; it is when a white person is given special tr

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