Patriotism after 9/11

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Positive Patriotism after 9/11 Patriotism is love for his or her own country. In Barbara Kingsolver’s “And the Flag Was Still There”, the Sacramento Bee’s “Flag merchants see little letup since Sept. 11”, and the Daily Californian “More students considering military, intelligence careers”, they all show patriotism in different ways after the September 11th attacks. The terrorist attacks of September 11th have affected patriotism in a positive manner because of pride in the flag, unity in the community, and enrollment in the armed forces. Although the terrorist attacks have affected patriotism positively there are instances where the attacks affected patriotism negatively. Yes, there are those few cases in which some people have a false sense of patriotism. In Barbara Kingsolver’s, “And Our Flag Was Still There”, she mentions an instance when a white man was screaming in the streets that he was an American and then killed a Sikh man wearing a turbine because he was not a native born American. Obviously this incident is a distortion of patriotism; this man interpreted the word patriotism as being the white race. He did no Continue...

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It is their country and they want to protect it so nothing else devastating ever happens again. An increasing number of college students changed their future plans after September 1tth; they planned to join the Armed Forces. 11 is what made me go out and buy a flag in the first place. It is sad that an attack of this intensity had to occur for the people of this country to show their patriotism. In the Daily Californian article, "More students considering military, intelligence careers", according to military data, U. These persons enrolling in the Army are experiencing a strong sense of patriotism. In this case people wanted to show patriotism by donating things needed and holding vigils in remembrance of September 11th. If he were patriotic the man who killed would have realized that after September 11th was a time that the country had to unite and respect each other. In other communities there were drives to collect food, water, socks, boots, and clothing for the workers at the World Trade Center site. A statistic in the article said that annually fifty million flags are sold annually but in 2002 that number nearly tripled. In Barbara Kingsolver"tms, "Our Flag Was Still There", she talks of her community holding vigils in prayer and remembrance of the victims of September 11th, donating blood to the Red Cross, and he school children collecting donations to be given to kids who lost their mothers or fathers in the attacks.


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