Differences in American and Asian Culture

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The family and cultural values of Asian countries and the United States are very different. However, those values in Asia differ dramatically among different countries. Therefore, it would be difficult to explain the values of Asia as whole, but rather, it would be easier to explain the values based in one country. Some of the most common countries people mention as part of Asia are Japan and China. These two countries are considered the most dominant in the Asian Continent. However, their values differ from one another. Therefore, you would have to choose between these two cultures and differing it with the United States culture. Beings a lot of business is done between the United States and Japan, it would seem most fittingly to differ these two countries in regards to their cultures. Many Americans travel to Japan each year for business related purposes, whether for a corporation or for the Armed Forces, whatever the case, Americans would spend part of their life in Japan. Americans must know that their cultures are different of those in Japan. For example, the family in Japan is considered closer than that compared to families in the United States, and marriages are also different from those in America. Also, certa Continue...

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In Japan, the groom's family is to send a formal letter to the bride's family, requesting for the hand of the bride. This means that the Japanese rely heavily on body language or any other forms of nonverbal communication. Punctuality in Japan is expected in all situations. Clothes should be used as a way of fitting in, not standing out. Very indirect eye contact is the Japanese custom. Japan is considered to a high-context culture. The Japanese bathe frequently, additionally, soaking in a hot tub. This high-context culture can be related to the fact that the Japanese are related to the group orientation and the need to take care of the other before taking care of oneself. A man of good fortune would be hired to move the bridal bed to the right place in the bridal room while a woman of supposed good fortune will make the bed and also place certain foods and fruit that symbolize good fortune on the bed. Before entering a hot tub or thermal springs, which are ubiquitous in Japan, a person must fully cleanse himself or herself before entering. Such high-context indicators such as eye contact are also important. They also must rinse themselves thoroughly. People do not dress to fit in, but rather to distinguish themselves from others.


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